Science is about the miracle of the mundane and children can appreciate this best. Every child is a Scientist” – Susan Bosak.

There are different ways to get children to love science: expose them to science at an early age, mentor them in home experiments, use technology to motivate them to learn science, and explore the outdoors.I would also add that a great way to inspire children is through playing and reading.

These 2 children’s books provide fun scientific resources, the excitement of the knowledge and promote the love of science, giving little learners the opportunity to discover something completely new and fun!




“This book thinks you’re a scientist: Imagine, experiment and create”.

Designed and written in association with London’s famous Science Museum, is a complement to their new interactive gallery for children. In October 2016 Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery was opened. It is the most spectacular interactive science gallery in the world. A must-see if you plan to visit London with your kids!.



The book explores 7 key scientific areas: force and motion, electricity and magnetism, earth and space, light, matter, sound, and mathematics.  It’s an entertaining introduction to science and helps children explore the fundamental concepts of science with fun experiments.




Each spread introduces children to a scientific concept through interactive activities, made all the more engaging by Harriet Russell’s comical, hand-down illustrations”. But there is also space on the pages for the children to write, draw and interact with the book.

I love that the children are encouraged to ask questions and wonder about the world!





“Nothing in this world is to be feared… only understood” – Marie Curie



 “Marie Curie (Little People, Big Dreams)” allows kids to meet Marie Curie- Nobel Laureate and the first woman to win this world’s top science prize and the first person to win it twice!.

It is an inspiring little biography beautifully written by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vergara  and illustrated by Frau Isa. It’s the sixth title of the amazing series Little People, Big Dreams that we have featured before.

This book is intended for pre-school readers and is a great introduction to the outstanding live of Marie Curie.



Top photo: illustration by Frau Isa (Marie Curie)


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