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Are you traveling to London with your family soon? Would you like to introduce your children to this amazing city? Some time ago we recommended the London Lonely Planet Guide for children and today I am pleased to share with you 3 more books for children about London. I hope that you might find them interesting!



Mice in the City by South Korean award-winning illustrator Ami Shin and edited by Thames & Hudson is a surprising way for kids of all ages to get to know London! Your kids will play a game of hide-and-squeak with over 1.700 mice  (there is even a “Sherlock” Mouse)  while they glimpse inside iconic buildings and landmarks (Big Ben, underground, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens…).  The mice of Parliament are at work baking cakes while curious mice learn from the history of pharaohs and kings at The British Museum, and artistic mice with “mouse-spiration” perform magic tricks inside Tate Modern. So fun!



Flor & Rolf in London is a beautiful bilingual (Spanish-English) CD book presented by The Pinker Tones and illustrated by Miguel Gallardo. We have recommended before this series about Rolf, -a boy from Barcelona- and Flor – a girl from NYC- that meet in an international summer camp. This is the third volume and it is dedicated to childhood protection. It is a touching book with amazing music that promotes values such as empathy and solidarity.


There are two truly special characters: Alex and Muna. Alex has Down syndrome and  Muna is a girl with emotional problems after experiencing the war in Syria.  As the authors explain in the introduction “the world is a complex place and as parent, we often struggle to find ways to explain it to our children. In Flor & Rolf in London, we show how a society that integrates people with disabilities is a better one“.




London for children by author and illustrator Jindra Capek is a great drop-down book for the whole family. The illustrations are really beautiful and it is a great introduction to the history and main monuments of the city. I have read the Spanish version (edited by the exquisite publishing company Nordica Libros) which belongs to the series “Dreaming cities”.  This is without any doubt a beautiful book to dream about London.









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