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Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”. Bruno Barbey.


Asian Kids is an amazing collection of 24 photos taken in Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam by  Spanish photographer Tommy Salas.

Last may we featured the first half of this outstanding collection (you can read the full article published in this link) and today we are really honored to feature the second part with 12 more amazing portraits.


As I mentioned previously, I admire Tommy Salas’ humble approach to photography. He likes to communicate and interact with the children in order to capture their story and their perfect soulful, serious or joyful expressions.



Asian Kids celebrates the uniqueness and happiness of each child, their infinite wisdom, and purity.

Tommy Salas’ photography reminds us that children see life with perfect clarity as they have not developed yet any of our adult filters. They have a deep devotion to life that is beautifully captured in these portraits.


Their innocence is real, their smiles are universal.


Each photo captures these intense emotions as they were done with deep respect, kindness, and enthusiasm.

Tommy’s photography attracts attention with its simplicity and serves as inspiration, as the most important aspect of his photos is the story it portrays.


Asian Kids is such a wonderful collection!   It conveys the photographer’s warm and sensitive approach to his artistry.


Children give all they’ve got and love with passion. How magical our world would be if we could see it through the eyes of a child!


Thank you, Tommy Salas, for sharing with World Kids your work! Your passion is contagious!

Photo credits: © Tommy Salas


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