Cooking with children is something I have always enjoyed and found really natural. I feel children love the process of preparing, cooking and eating the finished dish.

Cooking is also a great activity for the whole family in which science and math are involved: kids learn to measure, divide, add, learn about temperature, read a recipe…  It is also a great way to get a picky eater eat a balanced diet.


“Le Petit Chef” collection is ideal for teaching children how to cook in total safety (Important:  These items are sharp and young users should be supervised.). It is composed of a knife, a peeler and a red finger guard, developed by the French brand Opinel (their blades are worldwide renowned for their exceptional cutting power).

The Knife with a stainless steel round-tipped blade (10 cm long), is robust and perfect for cutting and slicing thinly. It has a learning ring which helps to position the fingers correctly and prevents the hand from slipping onto the blade.

The “finger guard”  protects the hand holding the food to be cut. The “claw” position can be adopted with the firts two phalanges bent and the thumb and the little finger holding the food-just like “leading Chefs”.

The “Le Petit Chef” peeler  has a stainless steel blade and a learning ring which helps to position the fingers correctly and to peel easily by pulling.


And talking about cooking… I would like to recommend you my favorite cooking blog: “Dinner: A Love Story. It all begins at the family table“. Jenny Rosenstrach is the creator of this award-winning website devoted to family dinner. You are going to love her approach to cooking daily dinner and her creative recipes.


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