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“If you think of someone enough, you’re sure to meet them again”- Haruki Murakami.

We have spoken before about Japanese literature and about Japanese illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake. Today I would like to recommend you two more books that will transport you immediately to Japan.

My first recommendation is Hôzuki by Aki Shimazaki. I would love to meet this author one day as her life seems fascinating: born in Japan, she moved to Canada where she teaches Japanese and writes her novels in French. Hôzuki is a touching and calm novel about motherhood, love, books, and destiny. There is so much beauty and simplicity in this story and the way it unfolds! If you believe that there is an “invisible chain that connects us all accidentally“, then you are going to love this novel.


My second suggestion is the extraordinary trilogy of short tales by Japanese author Haruki Murakami and illustrated by German artist Kat Menschik. The trilogy includes “The strange library“, “Bakery attack” and “Dream” (Dream is the translation for “Sueño”. I am afraid that I only have read the Spanish version and I am not sure if Dream is the correct English reference to this short story).

The nightmarish stories, perfectly captured in the illustrations, are full of fantasy and imagination with tormented, mysterious and lonely characters. It is a good introduction to the personal world of Murakami combined with the artistry of Kat Menschik.



What other Japanese authors would you recommend?


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