Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”- Howard Zinn.



Christmas is approaching and unbeknownst to most of us, there are millions of children that will have no access to toys these coming holidays.  Many of these children because of being born into extreme poverty may never have experienced the joy of owning or playing with toys. It is truly a heartbreaking reality that can be found in most agriculture areas around the world.  The organization One Toy at a Time is deducted to identifying these children – who are frozen in a state of poverty – and provides them with a toy that will transform their lives by stimulating their imaginations, education and critical thinking skills.



Founded by Rina and Leland, One Toy at a Time has given toys, dolls, baby clothes and electronic gadgets to these children for the past 20 years. Rina and Leland grew up in impoverished environments and have experienced both the feeling of receiving and that of giving as children. Their own experience inspired them to start this amazing project that makes the world a better place. By giving a toy they provide a child with the possibility of dreaming and gaining skills through play beyond the restrains of their current sad really.



One Toy at a Time hand delivers the toys directly to the children surprising them in beautiful encounters and making the children feel special, important and that their lives matter. You can see One Toy at a Time in action with the children delivering toys by watching their documentary:


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If you are one of those individuals who want to be involved and create a better world for all children, you can collaborate by donating your families used toys to their organization based in California, USA.  They are in need of toys, i.e. dolls, games, shoes, and video games. Clothes and children’s shoes are also really helpful as naked children can’t go to school or interact with their friends. Rina and Leland pay for most of the organization’s expenses out of their own pockets so any toy donation will be a great help for them. You can also contribute financially and help this organization reach even more children in need.


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