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Vendors from above is a photography book filled with amazing pictures showcasing the diversity in colors and the life of street vendors in Hanoi.
I am really pleased to introduce you to Loes Heerink, an amazing photographer fascinated by Vietnam. I am really grateful that Loes has agreed to share with World Kids part of her photo collection.   Welcome Loes!
I am Loes, 27. I am from the Netherlands and I work as a communication officer. I use photography to express myself creatively. I love to look at the work of photographers and artists. I like the photography of Chris Burkard, Brock Elbank and Ray Collins. 
About Vendors from above: I have had an obsession with street vendors since I moved to Hanoi. The project started around a year ago, in the beginning I just wanted a picture of a flower vendor. Just the vendor. No distracting backgrounds. So I decided to take a picture from abouve. I scouted a couple of locations where I could realize such an image and I went there to wait for a flower vendor passing by. There were no flower ladies…
But in the meantime, there were a lot of other vendors passing by. So I started taking pictures of other vendors. And that’s where it got out of hand. I started to see the little pieces of art the vendors create every day. I kept coming back spending hours and hours waiting for vendors to come by until I created this collection. 
I also love to photograph nature and animals. I am currently working on a series of animal photography”


Thank you so much Loes!

You can purchase Loes’ book Vendors from above  by  sending Loes an e-mail. Please visit Loes Heerink website for further information

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