“In no other place, the colors are made from so many colours as here“- José Cardoso Pires.

This Christmas we enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Lisbon. The city offers the entire family the opportunity to play, explore and learn. Here are our top picks, which I hope your family might enjoy too!

Visit the Sanctuary of Christ the King, inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Cross the Tagus River and enjoy the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge, one of Lisbon’s most notable landmarks (it resembles the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco) .

Don’t forget to take with you the book “Vasco da Gama of Portugal”: a great story for little adventurers that will allow them to visit major landmarks such as Lisbon’s Praça do Comércio, the Monument to the Discoveries and his hometown of Sines. Such a fun way for children to learn more about Portugal’s role in the Age of Discoveries!

Take the tram to the Belém district, and visit the “Jerónimos Monastery” and the Museu Coleçao Berardo, the most visited museum in Lisbon.

By the riverside, you can also visit two major landmarks: Tower and Padrao dos Descobrimentos.

Take the stairs (at Martim Moniz square) to the district of Alfama.

Visit the Castelo S. Jorge, built in the mid-11th century and located at the top of the hill in Alfama.

Learn about the building of the Lisbon we know today at the permanent exhibition and the archaeological site in the Castle.

And finish your day enjoying the unique sights that the Castle offers.

The visit to the castle includes a Camera Obscura (you might remember we also recommended this optical system of lenses and mirrors in Edinburgh) that provides 360º views of the city in real time.

Try the delicious Santini ice-creams (our favorites in Portugal) at Time-out Market. Located at the historic Mercado da Ribera, Time-out Market houses 28 restaurants. Highly recommended!

Shop in the most whimsical and circus-theme “Fantastic World of Portuguese canned fish” store.

If you are looking for great quality local products (sardines, cod, olive oil, Portuguese wines, cheese…) you wil love the traditional store Mercado de la Praça da Figueira.

Take the Santa Justa Lift, a popular tourist attraction that connects Baixa to the Barrio Alto District.

The views are worth the queue and price!

“Watch the time go away” at the evocative Cais das Colunas, where the Praça do Comércio meets the Tagus river.

Find the “Rua Cor de Rosa” (pink street)…

Fall in love with the elaborately-painted Portuguese tiles, called “azulejos”. There is even a National Museum dedicated to its history.

Experience a fun tuk tuk city tour…

Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes!

Indulge…and taste the originals Pastéis de Belém.

Celebrate the end of the day by the Tagus River.

Visit one of the greatest toy stores in the world: “The Hospital de Bonecas“, a true “doll hospital” that it is also a museum.

Taste all the delicious cod recipes that Portugal has to offer you.

Don’t miss the Oceanário de Lisboa’s temporary exhibition, “Forests Underwater” by Takashi Amano, that features tropical forests inside a magnificent aquarium.

“With a view to strengthening the Oceanário de Lisboa’s commitment to supporting nature conservation and promoting environmental education, this new exhibition shows nature from a different perspective

Meet Vasco, who will teach your children all about the ocean!

“One planet, one ocean”, the amazing permanent exhibition at the Oceanario, probably one of the most visited attractions in Portugal.

Enjoy a very strong espresso at Cafe A Brasileira, one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Lisbon.

Travel in time and discover more books at Bertrand bookshop. Established in 1732 it is the oldest operating bookshop.

Develop a growing passion for tiles…

Feel the inmensity of the Vasco da Gama Bridge.

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