It is always a great joy to discover new brands founded by mothers who have a big passion for quality, small details, and good design.

Today we travel to London to meet Emma White, founder, and designer of Honey & Toast, the award-winning company of leather bags & accessories for children (and grown-ups too).


Honey & Toast’s collection is “for the small people in our lives and is made with love and integrity in Somerset and designed in London”.  Honey & Toast’s products are all made by hand, and you can find the coolest school bags, colorful scooter bags, elegant bags for grown-ups, cute purses and wallets and also practical keyrings.

Honey & Toast offers the possibility of personalizing any bag. You can make your bag truly special by adding anything that you might want to remember: a doodle drawn by your children, a hand written name, a heart felt message or a set of initials.

World Kids: Emma, Why did you decide to create Honey and Toast

Emma White (Honey & Toast): I have always worked for fashions brands in accessories – for over 15 years – and still do (I freelance 3/4 days a week – H&T I do at night!) and wanted to do my own thing. Whilst on maternity leave with my second child, I had the time to do this – between naps and after bedtimes. I want to create an income that is flexible around me seeing my children a little more!

WK: What inspires you as an artist? 

EW: anything, everything. Seeing my children play and explore – the way they interpret things around them. I don’t have much time for exhibitions and travel now ..! But where I can I do these things of course.

WK: what inspires you as a mother?

EW: to spend time with my children. To be at the school gate a little more. My daughter adores H&T – and is really proud her mummy makes bags.

WK: Are you working on new pieces for your catalog? 

EW: I am ways thinking of new shapes and prints I could add to the range! I have SO many ideas – I have to be quite strict!

WK: You ship internationally. Do you have plans to open a physical store?

EW: I would love love LOVE to open a shop – but for now online is all I can manage!

WK: On a more personal note: what do you like more about living in Somerset and which places would you recommend for families visiting the UK?  Do you have some favorite design stores/restaurants in your area?

EW: I live in London, the bags are made in Somerset in a small family run factory. I visit every month or so to check shipments and develop new ideas. I speak to the factory nearly every day though ! I live in Peckham which is a creative person’s dream – lots of galleries and creative spaces. Also, lots of open green spaces to run around!

Thank you very much, Emma, for sharing your creativity, talent and time with World Kids!

You can find more information about Honey & Toast on their web-page and Instagram.



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