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Canava is a Dubai based womenswear label founded by Damascus born designer Nisreen Krimed. Inspired by her Palestinian roots, Nisreen chose the name ‘canava’ which was traditionally used by Palestinian women throughout the years referring to the fabric or canvas used as a base for their beautiful embroideries.

Canava today aims to preserve this passion to create pieces for the young and discerning woman. Every item is handmade from start to finish, a collage of memories and material put together to create timeless, original and one of kind contemporary items that every woman today would love to hold on to.

It is a pleasure to interview Nisreen and to know more about her work:

World Kids:  How would you describe the style of women in Dubai?

Nisreen Krimed:  It’s simple and trendy with a tendency for glamour and owning high-end brand in everything, from bags to shoes to sunglasses to garments. Although the mindset is changing nowadays and you can see a lot of support for local and regional designers by leading fashion icons.


WK: What inspires you as an artist? And as a mum?

NK: I’m always inspired by the way opposites meet, old and new, east and west, minimal and detailed, multi-colors and monotones. By the different cultures in Dubai and by my roots. As a result, I feel my kids are a reflection of that mixture and harmony.


WK: Do you have more pieces available than the ones included in your catalog? I am in love with this dress from your Instagram account  but I do not see it in your Catalog.

NK:  I do have a lot more pieces that are going to be online soon. I was working on a photo shoot for the new designs lately and will include everything in my online store soon. As for the one you liked, it was out of stock just few days after posting and I had to remove it from my website. but it’s going online again soon.


WK:  Do you sell online internationally? Do you plan to open soon a physical store in Dubai?

NK:  I sell online internationally and ship worldwide. My future plan is to open my own store in Dubai but as a start, I am going to sell in boutique designer stores soon.


WK: On a more personal note: what do you like more about living in Dubai and which places would you recommend for families visiting Dubai?  Do you have some favorite design stores/restaurants in Dubai?

NK:  Apart from the amazing winter months, I love how cultures melt in this place, we are all strangers although it feels like home.

Dubai’s beach, the Beach Mall, and Jumeirah Beach Residences is a must when you are visiting Dubai. I also think ‘City Walk’ is great for families with kids as well as ‘Box Park’. I love morning strolls in the old souks of Dubai next to the creek and taking the Abra from one side to another.

My favorite design store is Boutique1 if I’m looking for exceptional wearable items. As for jewelry and home accessories, Comptoire 102 on Jumeirah road is my favorite.

‘Culinary boutique’ and ‘The Sum of us’ are my favorite morning cafe/restaurant in town. But if it’s dinner time I definitely recommend ‘Zuma’ and ‘Coya’ for their amazing food and atmosphere.

Thank you very much Nisreen for sharing your work with World Kids!

Your Peace, Damascus and Mom dresses  (pictured above) are stunning as well as this assorted Emirati top in pale pink, black and white striped sleeves with a traditional Emirati tassel. You can see the complete catalog on:


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