“Curiosity in children is but an appetite for knowledge”– John Locke.

Curiosity sparks learning. “Several neurological studies have shown that curiosity makes our brains more receptive for learning and that as we learn, we enjoy the sensation of learning.” A great way to boost your kids’ curiosity is with books, and these four children’s picture books will encourage kids to remain inquisitive, challenging them to keep thinking and inspiring them to discover the amazing diversity of the world. In addition, these books will provide hours of fun!

Our first recommendations are Recordmania and Precious Planet, both edited by Little Gestalten. Thoughtfully illustrated by Sarah Tavernier, Alexandre Verhille, and Emmanuelle Figueras, they are the perfect gift for curious-minded kinds.

Recordmania “Atlas of the incredible” marks the world’s craziest records. The book is split into 6 categories (size, weight, speed, length, sound, and temperature) and covers everything from sports, architecture, animals, humans, technology, nature, space, and even dinosaurs. In addition, each category includes a world map so that kids can trace out locations across the atlas.

This is the ideal book for kids that love facts, and for parents who want to amuse their kids with engaging questions: Did you know for example that the fastest recorded skydive was so speedy it broke through the sound barrier? Or that the smallest park in the world was made for a colony of leprechauns?.

Precious Planet. A user’s manual for curious earthlings is a spectacular book about sustainability. It explains to children the world’s natural phenomena, how every aspect of life on Earth is connected, and how to preserve and protect our beautiful planet. The information in the book is based on the most recent scientific theories and presented clearly and engagingly.

As stated by the prestigious Wilderness Society: “We believe that children’s books have a profound effect in shaping who we become as grown-ups. Promoting a love of nature in children is one of the fundamental elements to building a society that respects and protects our unique landscapes, and we want to celebrate books that promote a love of nature, a sense of caring for the world, and curiosity in children”.

Humanity is portrayed as tenants on planet Earth. This insightful guide shows how sustainability has the power to preserve life for generations to come. Precious Planet even looks into the future through a chapter on ‘vacation homes,’ which outlines possible life on Mars and other planets in the distant future. Science, ecology, and conservation are combined in a graphically understandable way for young minds.

“Great Ports of the World. From New York to Hong Kong” is the journey around the world proposed by Prestel Publishing and illustrated by the Spanish artist Victor Medina.

The book is recommended for ages 4-8 and offers a unique way of looking at our planet by learning about the busiest ports of the world: New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Venice, and St Petersburg, among others.

Cleverly designed, with two-page spread illustrations inspired by the 1950s-era, it’s an excellent gift for children who love to travel and are curious about other destinations. All aboard for a trip around the world!

Our last recommendation is the large format book “Where’s the Architect? From Pyramids to Skyscrapers. An Architecture Look and Find Book“, also published by Prestel.

The book is a journey through time around the world, with stops in nearly every continent. The colorful illustrations depict twelve extraordinary buildings: Giza Pyramids, Neuschwanstein Castle, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera…

The book (with text by Susanne Rebscher and illustrations by Annabelle von Sperber) explains how architects and builders from the past have created these masterpieces. It includes a world map, a travel route, cultural information, a historical timeline, and a glossary. It is a very original proposal for kids 8+ with many details and surprises.

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