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  • Talented Kelly Pietrangeli, creator of Project Me ( “helping mothers get on top of their endless to-do’s and see life beyond the laundry pile”) was really kind to share with me the following great advise: “Tell your kids from a very young age that they can always tell you anything. If they’re worried you might get mad, assure them that if they preface it with ‘I have something to tell you, but I don’t want you to get mad’ that you won’t. And then don’t get mad. Be a great listener. Share your own childhood stories of ups and downs. Great communication with your child is a gift that’ll serve you both in your relationship forever”.
  • My beautiful friend Ruth had just given birth to her son Aldo when she received this great advice of an uncle pediatrician: “Listen to your mother’s advice, listen to your mother-in-law advice and also listen to your pediatrician. And afterwards do whatever you consider best, because you are his mother and no one knows your baby better than you”.
  • My dear aunt Imperio received also a wonderful advice from a pediatrician. “He always insisted-  recalls my aunt, on how important and healthy is to be outdoors for small children”. He used to tell me: “go outside with your baby, do not stay at home on cold winter days and let your baby breath pure air”.
  • My friend Natalia is the mom to a sweet girl named Odena. Natalia recognizes that when Odena was born, she was obsessed with the possibility that something terrible might happen to her newborn baby. She would not sleep at all just to check every 5 minutes that her baby was still breathing. She was worried about the sudden infant death syndrome and her baby choking. Her pediatrician recommended her to put a small pillow under the crib mattress in order to prevent coughing and reflux. Natalia explained to me that if she could go back in time she would tell herself not to worry so much.
  • My friend Mónica, received the following comment when she was expecting her third sweet daughter Julieta: “the first child is raised by the pediatrician, the second child by the Mother, and the third child… by mother nature”.
  • My old friend Marta is a young mother of 6 wonderful children. She wanted to share 2 simple advice for moms of big families:
  1. When someone asks me if I love more one of my kids that the other, I always answer: “each day I love more… the one that needs me the most that day”. She tries to always be alert to her children’s needs.
  2. Marta’s mother also used to say “ what really matters are those kids and babies”. Marta always remembers this when one of her kids breaks something. She tries not to suffer for the material things and always try to focus on the wellbeing of her children.
  •  Susana, mother to Hugo considers that there are really  no advices or tips. “The moment you seem to find something that works for your child (related to feeding, behavior, sleeping) and you feel confident, then your child will change and develop and once again you need to sort things out“.
  •  At last, I wanted to share with you that my extraordinary mom used to explain me. She said that when kids are small, “if you sing you can solve any difficult situation (tantrum, sibling’s fights…) “. And it works! I just make up a song related to what we are going through and it brings up laughter and calm.


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  • Reply Christina Rovira 05/31/2018 at 09:48

    The tip with getting outside with your baby is SO TRUE! We live in Denmark and here babies always take their nap outside during all year. We have thick sleeping bags for them to they can sleep out in their carriage even in winter. The fresh air is so good for the health for our little ones 🙂

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