I am thrilled to introduce you to Ruth de Andrés, a wine expert, founder of Vinistas and long time friend.

I asked Ruth if she could share with World Kids her knowledge and passion for wine,  as well as all her travel experience visiting  different wineries in Spain with her family (she is mom to 2 beautiful and sweet kids).  I am really grateful and honored that Ruth accepted to contribute with this guest post!

Welcome Ruth, welcome Vinistas!




Vinistas aims to be much more than a website where you can buy wine online. Vinistas is a community that wants to share and live experiences around wine.

Beyond the tasting or technical aspects, in Vinistas we intend to thrill.



In order to thrill you need to know and understand, just like in arts or music. We have an educational approach to wine culture, and we explain wine in an emotional way, so that our members can feel touched and moved by each suggestion.


We do not want to talk only about expensive or famous wines. We do not like the stilted language of many critics nor the snob side of many websites. Wine is not a sign of ostentation, something complicated or unintelligible. We aim to democratize wine: wine is fun, it has to be. Vinistas is!




I am trying that my kids inherit my passion for wine. Of course they do not drink alcohol! But I teach them that when the time comes they should do it with moderation and responsibility. I think that’s why they have an attitude of respect towards wine: respect for the wine grower, and respect to our culture, as wine is an important part of it.



My kids know that through wine they can learn and travel, usually in Spain and sometimes also abroad.

I have taught them that wine can tell you about the landscape, climate and soil, and that depending on these factors there are stronger, more acidic or aromatic wines.  Each night for dinner, I like to  pour a glass or two of good wine (for myself) , and I explain my kids the wine that I am drinking: where does it come from? Which are the grapes’ names? Do we  know the wine grower? 




Then I allow them to smell the wine and they really enjoy this special moment around our dinner table! It’s funny to watch them play and  pretend that they are winemakers. They also help me discover aromas that for me were hidden. 

Each wine reflects a territory and it also a great way to teach  them geography!


Ribera del Duero winery // Bodegas de Santiago Arroyo en Sotillo de la Ribera


In addition, you can also visit and discover with your kids great  wineries in Spain. Many of them are specially adapted to children and it is a great experience for the whole family:  from the grape to the wine, all in just one  same place. They love it!

Here are some of my favorites:

– La Rioja: the big names like Marques de Riscal have impressive cellars. But also, I invite you to discover the Vivanco Museum of wine culture.

-Rueda: the Yllera cellar proposes a game called Ariadne’s thread, in which mythology and wine come together to weave a great story.

– Ribera del Duero: There are several wineries that have also hotels like Matarromera, Emilio Moro or Arzuaga (which also has a spa).  I also recommend  Peñafiel’s Wine Museum, located in an authentic castle perched on a high. It hosts a sensory museum, full of activities and experiences and focused especially on children.

– Bierzo: this beautiful region between Leon and Galicia, and part of the Camino de Santiago, also has dream artisan wineries.

– Penedés: The Codorniu cellars are truly impressive. If you want to discover a more artisan winery I recommend Mas Bertran, which makes lovely personalized visits.




At last, I would suggest that you visit all these Spanish wineries in  September or October, during the harvest: everything running at full capacity and rich wine will delight your kids.



Photos and text by Vinistas:










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